Event: European Pricing Platform

EPP Subscription Based Pricing – 2020

March 3 - 4, 2020 Brussels

Subscription Based Pricing has been used for newspapers, for telecommunication, banking and i.e. fitness gyms for many decades. And subscription models are increasingly evaluated to be launched in b2b markets as well.

This growth is driven by the rise of the information technology which enabled new products and services – as well as the search or renewed business models. Cloud computing, which enabled the shift from on-premise software to software as a service and the new business models of the sharing economy (e.g. car-sharing) and solutions selling are examples of this evolution. Subscription based pricing has many advantages – but also comes with challenges. In this interactive pricing course, you learn how define your pricing plan, build and price your packages and implement your subscription model to win new customers, to retain them and optimise your profits.

This pricing training is for anyone who is working with subscription based pricing model already – and for those who are reflecting to make the change towards a subscription based business model.

  • Relevant for participants from all industries offering subscription products and services.
  • Managers and experts for pricing, marketing, sales, product management, business development, finance, innovation.

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