Event: European Pricing Platform

EPP – Tender Management – From Planning to Winning (Life Sciences)

September 10 - 11, 2020 Munich Airport Marriott Hotel

The procurement environment is constantly evolving, especially within the framework of the European Public Procurement Directive and its overhaul in the EU PPD 2014/24, which most of the countries have just now fully transposed into local legislations last year.

Furthermore, given the fact that every European Member State has emphasized their transposition on different aspects of the EU PPD, it created additional challenges to maneuver within the life sciences public procurement environment;

In addition to mastering the basics of contracting and tender management in this complex and dynamic market, this pricing training is designed for tendering professionals to help to understand how to improve by doing a more pro-active planning including a more accurate forecasting, building a robust business case including an estimation to win calculation, ensuring a proper pull-through of your awarded tenders and engaging with your key stakeholders in terms of value-based tendering to ultimately increase your success within tender management.

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