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Vistex, leading global software and service solution provider, helps you manage pricing, incentive, and rebate trade programs that enhance business performance. Empower your enterprise with unprecedented visibility into pricing performance and any Go-to-Market program, while gaining deeper insights to make better fact-based decisions that drive revenue, control cost, minimize leakage, and streamline processes. With a range of deployment options for all your pricing and Go-to-Market programs, you choose what works best for your business needs – run your systems on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. Vistex is a global SAP® Solution Extension Partner.

Drive prices and determine true profitabilityLearn More

vistex-image3A single solution for price administration, deal management, price execution, and reporting. User-friendly layouts and intuitive functionality allow users to adjust prices without delay while providing the ability to execute mass pricing updates, automating maintenance and eliminating hours of manual processes. Save time and resources by getting prices into your system more efficiently and by evaluating that data.

Business-Defined PricingLearn More

vistex-imageEnter pricing efficiently, providing the visibility to review proposed changes and make accurate changes in a timely manner. Perform mass maintenance of pricing and effective dates; validate pricing according to business-defined price policies; and conduct and track reviews and approvals with comprehensive workflow tools. Learn more about how you can automatically determine updated pricing through user-defined formulas and logic for commodity pricing, price indices, and prices of bill of material components.

Analyze success of
pricing strategiesLearn More

vistex-image2In today’s rapidly changing business environment, it is not enough to just manage pricing structures – businesses also need to analyze the success of pricing strategies. See how Vistex can help manage pricing, incentives and revenue-sharing by analyzing proposed pricing to determine true margin and show the complete gross-to-net, component-by-component, for individual products or for an entire product line or agreement.

SAP® Solution Extensions
by VistexLearn More

SAMPLE-1SAP Data Maintenance for ERP – Pricing® by Vistex, is a comprehensive pricing solution that covers everything from agreement initiation to analytics for buy- and sell-side, while retaining the “core” SAP architecture. Together, SAP and Vistex offer end-to-end pricing solutions that solve the most complicated go-to-market challenges – and let you capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities.