SPASIGMA Tactical & Competitive Negotiation Program

Revenue and margins suffer because most salespeople aren’t trained to negotiate.

While more and more procurement teams receive in-depth negotiation training, Our research has shown that 4 out of 5 sales teams don’t receive any formal negotiation training at all. This imbalance in training is often the culprit behind pricing pressure, margin erosion and over-discounting–and means even the most experienced salespeople enter a sales negotiation ill-equipped and outmatched.

Here’s how to train them to fight for price…

The SPASIGMA Tactical and Competitive Negotiation Program provides a solid foundation to get you negotiating more profitably.

Through bite-size online modules, you get online access to a state-of-the-art negotiation seminar. The instruction begins with the basics often overlooked by even the most seasoned professionals. You’ll dive quickly into a dynamic practice negotiation that highlights the core requirements for successful deal making. The interactive process will reveal your individual strengths as well as personal areas for improvement.

The content is presented by experienced, engaging instructors so it’s entertaining and easy to absorb. You’ll learn the critical fundamentals to tackle business negotiations both large and small:

  • Discover effective planning and pre-negotiation strategies that increase leverage.
  • Gain an understanding of the negotiating tactics so you can recognize the tactics that the other side of the table uses.
  • Learn the essentials of concession making and the psychology of satisfaction.
  • Master proven methods for maintaining relationships while simultaneously defending your company interests.

Along with the interactive online seminar, you’ll gain immediate access to even more on-demand negotiation training from the SPASIGMA Online Academy. With on-demand access, you’ll be able to observe negotiations from your favorite TV shows and movies, analyze scenes for negotiation content, drill into the core concepts and take part in practice negotiations with other learners from all around the world.

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