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Zilliant provides B2B companies with data-driven guidance, enabling optimal pricing and sales decisions to help businesses make their numbers. The Zilliant optimization platform uses advanced science in its price optimization, cross-sell and retention applications to enable companies to overcome the massive complexity in their businesses. Our flexible SaaS model allows customers to quickly and confidently improve their financial performance by integrating into existing systems and processes. Learn more about how Zilliant helps companies price more profitably and sell more effectively at

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MarginMax is a price optimization application that enables B2B companies to improve their profits without putting revenue at risk. It delivers pricing guidance directly to salespeople by analyzing companies’ data to determine the optimal price for every product, order and customer, resulting in profit increases of five to ten percent, or more.

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SalesMax transforms the way sales people protect and grow customer wallet share.  SalesMax uses advanced science to reveal what customers should be buying and where buying patterns are beginning to erode, earlier and more accurately than traditional approaches. It identifies actionable cross-sell, retention and market-share expansion opportunities for every customer and product across a salesperson’s entire book of business, worth on average an additional 8 to 15 percent of annual recurring revenue.