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Zilliant’s solutions help B2B companies solve a wide range of pricing and sales challenges, allowing them to gain more strategic control of their business performance using an innovative blend of data science and software solutions. Our innovative cloud native platform and applications, paired with an outcome-focused dedication to customer success, gives company leaders the confidence and know-how to remain competitive now and in the future. Learn more about how Zilliant helps companies reimagine pricing and sales at or follow Zilliant on LinkedIn.

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In this video case study, watch as Margot Simon-Beaulieu, head of pricing and article masterdata at METRO France, describes how the leading wholesaler is solving for omnichannel pricing challenges. METRO France operates a complex business, with 99 brick-and-mortar stores, delivery services to HORECA customers and a rapidly growing eCommerce presence.

With a growing demand for negotiation and price personalization, the old way of setting price through spreadsheets and email exchanges became inefficient and impossible to manage. METRO France chose to partner with Zilliant to empower its sales team to get the right prices to the right customer at the right time, while ensuring price consistency and relevant product recommendations across channels.

“With the Zilliant solution, we believe we give our salespeople a very powerful tool to look for new opportunities and business, and make sure that we monitor them in a profitable way,” said Simon-Beaulieu.

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Reimagine pricing with Zilliant’s industry-leading solution, Price IQ®, the only price optimization application with the ability to simultaneously account for all the factors that drive price. Price IQ rationally aligns price/customer/order/product relationships and statistically measures what drives price response in the market, all while enforcing necessary guardrails and producing price guidance for all the different ways price is expressed in a B2B business.

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The task of updating prices due to cost changes, margin objectives or other market factors is generally a frustrating manual process for B2B companies. Complicated spreadsheets have been the de facto solution for far too long.

Zilliant Price Manager™ is the ideal price management solution to give pricing teams greater control over pricing and the ability to dynamically make updates as market conditions change, for delivery to any sales channel.

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Creating and maintaining customer price agreements within a B2B company while ensuring profitable pricing with them now and in the future, is an incredible challenge. Agreements tend to exist in spreadsheets, ERP systems, emails or even filing cabinets. This makes it difficult to simply understand how many agreements exist in your business, let alone how profitable they are (or aren’t).

Zilliant Deal Manager™ is a one-stop shop for the creation, management and approval of customer agreements and contracts that helps companies ensure these don’t become a source of margin leakage – now and in the future.

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The Zilliant IQ Platform™ is the foundation for Zilliant’s market-leading price optimization and management, deal management and sales guidance solutions, and robust IQ Anywhere™ API service. The cloud-native Platform offers high availability, virtually unlimited scalability, and is purpose-built to solve B2B pricing, sales and commercial challenges. Beyond Zilliant’s packaged applications, it provides business users and data scientists unparalleled extensibility to solve a broader set of pricing, sales and commercial challenges unique to B2B companies through the simple configuration of SmartApps.