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Zilliant helps B2B enterprises turn data into actionable intelligence that accelerates profitable growth. The Zilliant IQ™ Platform uses AI to deliver actionable, real-time sales and pricing intelligence for traditional and digital channels, so you can maximize the immediate value of every transaction – and the lifetime value of every customer. Because when customer lifetime value is maximized, profits are accelerated, competitive advantage is created, sales performance is improved, and sustaining organizational success is achieved. Learn more at or follow @Zilliant.

Zilliant Price IQ™
Pricing OptimizationLearn More

img-2-1Price IQ is the patented, AI software engine that determines the optimal price for every product, order and customer, enabling your business to quote competitive prices that increase profits without risking volume. The pricing guidance integrates with CRM, CPQ, ERP, eCommerce, and custom enterprise systems and ensures accurate, competitive and consistent pricing across all customer touchpoints.

Zilliant Sales IQ™
Maximizes B2B SalesLearn More

sale-iq-img4-2Sales IQ maximizes sales performance and execution by continuously identifying customer retention and growth opportunities for every account, and delivers prescriptive guidance to help sales reps maximize business with existing accounts. It enhances opportunities for sales coaching by providing insight into each sales reps’ performance and their adoption of the prescriptive guidance.

Zilliant Cart IQ™
Increases Average Order ValueLearn More

v4-cart_iq-1Zilliant Cart IQ increases average order value by delivering real-time complementary product recommendations at the time of order, based on the items in a customer’s basket. Cart IQ utilizes advanced association rules to continuously analyze raw order data and identify the products with a higher-than-expected purchase probability for individual market baskets or transactions.