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Are They Selling the Same Product Twice?

You might be surprised what you can learn by contemplating airline seats and the etiquette of reclining.

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Pricing Teams Should Be Taking Notes Right Now

Just when we thought the worst was behind us, there could be more disruption coming. But this kind of thing has happened before and it will happen again. And when it does, the lessons you'll learn in the coming months could make a huge difference.

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Could Pricing Analysts Become Obsolete Too?

Some say pricing professionals are headed the way of the knocker-uppers.

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Sharing Pricing Data With Execs: 3 Key Steps

It's not enough to run the reports that management asked for. If you want to do your job right, you need to do these three things.

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The Beauty of Limitations in Pricing

It might seem like your lack of budget and personnel is holding you back. But those limitations might actually be the thing that inspires innovation.

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When Pricing Improvements Are Just "Too Much"

Pricing groups can cite any number of "reasons" for putting off improvement initiatives. But more often than not, they're really just excuses and rationalization. Here's how one of the more puzzling excuses plays out...

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If This One Thing Is Broken, So Is Pricing

If your team doesn't have this one skill, every initiative you undertake will probably fail.

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It’s OK for Pricing to Be 'Under Construction'

Remember the early days of the Internet when every website was "under construction"? Getting back to that kind of mindset can actually be helpful in pricing. Here's how.

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