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What "Experts" Don’t Know About Tariffs

When the so-called experts on TV talk about tariffs, they seem to have no clue about how things actually play out in the real world. Here's what the textbooks don't tell you...

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When You Shouldn't Use Price Elasticity

It's always encouraging to see companies embracing the power of price elasticity. While technically, you can measure price elasticity at any level you choose...just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

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Catching Fly Balls in Pricing

Believe it or not, pricing practitioners and center fielders have a lot in common.

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Is This the Worst Way to Set Prices?

If you can avoid this one mistake, you'll be doing better than most lawyers and accountants.

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Why Great Pricing Is Two-Faced

If you're in pricing and someone calls you "two-faced," you can take it as a compliment.

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What’s the Threshold for a Speeding Ticket?

We all try to get away with as much as we can...and sales certainly does when it comes to pricing. Sometimes it's best to embrace that tendency rather than fighting against it.

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A Pricing Person's Worst Boss

All too often, the person most responsible for our career success fails to give us the support and resources we need.

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Perks of Going Uphill in Pricing

If you've been "coasting," it might be time to tackle a tougher initiative that will yield greater long-term benefits.

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