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Each week we publish new insights that can help drive better B2B pricing outcomes. A few of those latest insights and tips are available here.

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How Many Price Segments Should You Aim For?

While developing a new price segmentation model for their business, one of our subscribers asked for our advice on the number of segments they should be striving to include. The answer surprised them...and may surprise you, too.

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The Worst Way to Structure Pricing

This common organizational mistake results in a large department full of people doing bulls**t jobs.

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Why Sales Is So Bad At Pricing Math

When math isn't your best subject, is shows -- sometimes in surprising and frustrating ways.

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The Failure of Price Tags

Most consumers like "no-haggle" pricing, but it actually makes markets less efficient. Price tags are far less common in B2B markets, and that's a very good thing.

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7 Things Pricing Should Expect from Product Management

When Product Management is missing the mark, it makes Pricing's job much harder than it needs to be. So what should Pricing...and everyone else...really be expecting from Product Management?

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4 Free Pricing Tools You Can't Live Without

Some of the most powerful and effective pricing tools are actually pretty simple. They also happen to be free of charge. So there's no excuse for not having these tools in your toolbox!

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5 Tips for Killing the Costliest Emotion in Pricing

In the pricing arena, there's one emotion that ends up costing us an absolute fortune. Can you guess what it is? And more importantly, do you know how to avoid falling prey to it? Here are five effective strategies...

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When Will Pricing’s Sweet Spot End?

Sometime in the very near future, computers will be far better than humans at setting prices. Are you ready for this new reality?

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