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4 Pricing Concepts You Should Be Able to Explain

Pricing practitioners need to be fill a lot of roles, sometimes including teacher.

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4 Outlandish Pricing Ideas

Ideas that once seemed ridiculous are becoming feasible thanks to modern technology.

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Yes, Price Optimization Is Better Than Analytics

Our Editor in Chief has been accused of being an "optimization fan boy." Learn why he has no qualms about pleading guilty as charged.

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Fixing Pricing Problems Isn't An "Either/Or" Thing

At the PricingBrew Journal, we are proponents of addressing the true root causes behind apparent pricing problems. But we don't want to give anyone the impression that we're advocating an "either/or" approach to problem solving.

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2 Flaws of "Single Factor" Pricing Analysts

While single factor analysis can be a very effective technique for "shaping" public opinion and behavior, there's just no upside to it in commercial environments. In fact, there's no way to win but there are two ways to lose!

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The Easiest Path in Pricing

If your team hasn't yet tackled a major initiative, now might be the right time to challenge yourselves. Here's why.

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The 10 Critical Price Structures to Understand

The best pricing teams understand all the weapons in their arsenal and know when to deploy each of them.

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Why Great Pricing People Are T-Shaped

Are you more like a T or more like an I? Find out which better describes you and why it's important.

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