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Overcoming the Santa Claus Problem in Pricing

You probably don't believe in Santa Claus. But you might be believing in some pricing fallacies that are just as implausible.

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The Crab-Like Dilemma in Pricing

Did you know that most types of crabs aren't actually related to each other? But in a sense, they might be related to your pricing team. Here's how.

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Driving A Different Type of Change in Pricing

If you're the CEO of a company, you can just tell people what to do and expect them to do it. If you're a sales ops team trying to get your colleagues to do things a little differently, you're going to need a more creative approach.

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Pricing AI Is Still About the Questions

With the extreme levels of puffery and hype we've been seeing in the media around all things "AI" you might assume that AI eliminates the need for specialized pricing knowledge and expertise. Here's why that assumption is wrong.

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The Unsung Hero of Successful Pricing Projects

Starting a pricing project often means venturing into uncharted territory--and when doing that, it helps to have a guide to show the way.

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3 Curveballs That Can Blindside Pricing Teams

Preparing for external events and disruptions is of primary importance due to the magnitude and scope of the impacts. But Pricing teams can't afford to ignore the internal dynamics that can cast their function in a negative light or even derail careers. Here are three internal curveballs to watch out for:

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Pricing Can Correct This Primary Misalignment

It's easy to chalk up misalignments to incompetence, selfishness, or even malice on the part of certain decision-makers and groups. But one of the primary sources of misalignment is much more nuanced. Here's what Pricing can do about it.

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The Compounding Power of Pricing Accuracy

The difference between 99.9% and 99.9999% is bigger than you think.

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