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4 Bad Decisions Pricers Should Be Aware Of

It would be nice if everyone made completely logical decisions, but reality just doesn't work that way.

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Pricing Should Avoid Averages Like the Plague

Averages hide more truth than they ever reveal. If your pricing analytics focus on average prices, you're doing it wrong.

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5 Signs Product Management Is Hurting Your Prices

As early decisions can act as a governor on pricing performance, it makes your job that much harder when product management is missing critical steps or making ill-informed decisions. But how can you tell? Here are five tell-tale signs...

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2 Reasons Why Pricing Is So Difficult

Does it seem like it's more difficult to become good at pricing than it is to become good at other business disciplines. It's not your imagination. Here's why pricing is different -- and harder --than other professions.

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The Janitor Can Make Good Pricing Decisions?

What happens when you make the best of the situation as it exists? What if you dealt with things as they are rather than wringing your hands over how they should be? Well, you just might discover a new best practice...

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If Everyone Is Happy About Pricing, You're Doing It Wrong

Who can argue with seeking "harmony" in the workplace? Our Editor in Chief, for one! Learn how the latest feel-good efforts to eradicate conflict and disagreement can gut your margins, stifle improvement, and stunt your growth.

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Where Should Pricing Report To?

To whom should pricing report? There are four common answers to this question, and each has its own pros and cons.

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3 Things Sales Needs For Good Pricing Decisions

If your salespeople aren't sticking to pricing recommendations, the problem might not be with them--the problem might be with your system.

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