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Each week we publish new insights that can help drive better B2B pricing outcomes. A few of those latest insights and tips are available here.

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The Worst Way to React to Pricing Pressure

Every organization faces pricing pressure at some time. How you deal with that pressure helps determine whether you succeed or fail.

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Why Pricing Doesn’t Get Credit

Management often attributes performance improvements to anything other than Pricing's efforts...changing market conditions, heroic sales efforts, celestial alignments. Here's how can you overcome it.

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When to Ignore Pricing Best Practices

Here at PricingBrew, we've interacted with thousands of pricing teams looking to improve. Sometimes our best advice is that they should ignore pricing best practices. We recommend doing this instead.

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See the Customer Spend Sales is Missing

Sometimes what you're not seeing is more important than what you are seeing.

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How 'Normalization of Deviance' Destroys Pricing

Breaking the rules shouldn't be normal.

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Price Optimization Or Value-Based Pricing? Which Is Better?

Our coverage of value-based pricing and price optimization has prompted a number of PricingBrew Journal subscribers to ask, "Which is better?" It's a fair question. It's a logical question. But the answer may frustrate you...

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A Pricing Consultant's Secret for Generating Big Gains

What if pricing "best practice" seems far out-of-reach in your current situation? Instead of feeling discouraged, learn why a pricing consultant might see your situation as a fantastic opportunity...

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What "Experts" Don’t Know About Tariffs

When the so-called experts on TV talk about tariffs, they seem to have no clue about how things actually play out in the real world. Here's what the textbooks don't tell you...

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