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Put your firm in front of PricingBrew's community of over 83,000 pricing professionals and decision-makers.

Here at PricingBrew, we regularly hear from pricing practitioners that are actively looking for consultants and technology solutions that can help them. Unfortunately, they’ve told us that there’s just not an easy way to discover the options that are out there.

That’s why we created the Provider Directory.

The Directory is an easy way for pricing professionals to discover consultants and pricing technologies. It’s publicly accessible here at and regularly promoted to our community of well over 83,000 pricing decision-makers and practitioners.

It’s easy to get Your Listing

We’ve developed the directory based on feedback from the PricingBrew community. They’ve told us that they want to be able to discover the smaller firms as well as the big players. That’s why a basic listing has been priced so even the smallest consulting firms can participate. In fact, it’s probably some of the cheapest year-round advertising you can get.

Want to promote your pricing event? Companies with an enhanced listing in the directory can also get their events added to our event listing on and in the weekly PricingBrew newsletter.

Get a basic listing

A basic listing includes your logo, company name and a description of up to 120 words. It also includes your contact information and a URL back to your website. Your logo and information will be prominently displayed in the directory and easily searchable. It’s an incredibly easy and cost-effective way to get in front of thousands of pricing professionals.

Step Up To an Enhanced Listing

Provider Directory: Enhanced ListingAn enhanced listing includes everything that a basic listing offers…and more. Your listing is shown more prominently in the directory and throughout You also get a full page on that’s dedicated to your company. Your page includes your company name, description, logo and contact information as well as up to 5 products or consulting specialties — each with their own description and optional image and link.


Full Listing + Page


Showcase your products
and capabilities.

Submit listing after order.
Charged annually to credit card.


120-word Listing


Get noticed by over
83,000 pricing professionals

Submit listing after order.
Charged annually to credit card.

Compare The Listing Options

Directory Listing
     Company Name
     Your Logo
     120-word description
     Contact Information
    Link to your website
    Promote An Event $49/month
More Prominent Listing
Dedicated PricingBrew Page
     Name, Logo & Description
     Contact Information
     Related Links
     Up to 5 Products or Specialties
     Product/Specialty Links & Images
     Search-Engine Optimized
Get Your Listing Get Your Listing
$399/yr $899/yr

Still have some questions?

Here’s answers to some common questions. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, just send us an email at

What happens after I purchase my listing?

Once you place your order to reserve your listing, you’ll get access to a an admin area where you’ll be able to enter all of the necessary information we’ll need to build your listing. You simply fill out the form that is provided and your listing will be added–usually within 24-48 hours after submission.

How will my listing be promoted?

Your listing will be displayed in alphabetical order on the directory in your group–either enhanced or basic. Companies with enhanced listings are also shown prominently throughout the PricingBrew website.

How can I promote my event in the PricingBrew newsletter and website?

If you have an upcoming event, you can purchase an event listing to get it added to and our the weekly newsletter. Event listings are $49/month and available only to companies listed in the directory. Once you have a directory listing, you’ll be able to purchase and add an event listing from within your PricingBrew account. Listings added before 11am Eastern on Thursdays will appear in the newsletter on the following Tuesday.

Can you tell me more about the PricingBrew community?


PricingBrew reaches over 83,000 pricing decision-makers and professionals every week and is an ideal marketing channel for pricing technology and services providers. The community is comprised of high-level pricing professionals with titles such as Global Pricing Director, VP of Pricing & Data Services, and SVP of Strategic Pricing. Of course, many companies don’t have dedicated pricing teams—and the community also includes many professionals responsible for pricing in sales, marketing and finance roles.

These professionals represent Fortune 1000 enterprises and mid-market companies across dozens of market sectors—financial, healthcare, technology, government, energy, manufacturing, telecom, media, education, travel, and more.

What if I need to update my directory listing?

The admin area that you’ll have access to will let you submit updates to your information at any time. And, of course, the PricingBrew team is more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

Can I upgrade to the Enhanced listing later?

Yes. If you’ve purchased a Basic listing and would like to upgrade to an enhanced listing, just email us at You’ll be able to upgrade for the difference in price.