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When faced with a tough situation or a unique challenge, wouldn’t it be nice to ask a group of experts to weigh in? Without having to wade through a bunch of covert sales pitches and uninformed opinions? And, without having to expose a lot of sensitive details about yourself, your team, and the company you work for?

Through our unique Ask the Network feature, PricingBrew Journal subscribers can submit their questions or issues to the PricingBrew Network of experts for additional input and feedback.

A Simple and Straightforward Process

After an initial review to ensure the intent is fully understood, the research staff at PricingBrew routes subscriber questions to the appropriate experts. Over the next 3-4 business days (depending on the complexity of the question), the experts’ feedback is gathered, compiled, and delivered back to the inquiring subscriber.

Private, Confidential, and Anonymous

Throughout the entire process, your name and company are not disclosed to our Network unless you choose to do so within your original question. On occasion, we will publish generalized versions of the questions and answers to the Journal for the benefit of other subscribers. But unless you specify otherwise, your specific questions and responses are always kept strictly confidential and private.

Here are just a few of the questions we’ve helped answer so far:

  • “What types of price segmentation attributes are most common among electrical distributors?”
  • “How are others selling a price increase when there isn’t a clear excuse like raw material inflation to leverage?”
  • “What are some effective ways to signal our pricing intentions to our competitors without crossing the line?”
  • “How much discretion and leeway are services companies giving their salespeople to negotiate prices and discounts?”
  • “How have others been successful at getting more budget allocated and approved for pricing tools and training?”
  • “What are the most important skills, capabilities, and attributes for a B2B pricing analyst to possess or develop?”
  • “How much are other B2B companies investing in pricing people, pricing technology, and ongoing skills development?”

Contribute Your Expertise and Insight

As a Journal subscriber, you’ll also be able to participate in our ongoing research efforts. In the “Participate” section of the Journal portal, subscribers can share their knowledge and experiences through simple polls and spot surveys covering a variety of timely pricing topics.