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PROS, Inc.

PROS Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PRO) is a revenue and profit realization company that helps B2B and B2C customers realize their potential through the blend of simplicity and data science. PROS offers cloud solutions to help accelerate sales, formulate winning pricing strategies and align product, demand and availability. PROS revenue and profit realization solutions are designed to allow customers to experience meaningful revenue growth, sustained profitability and modernized business processes. To learn more, visit

Pricing Effectiveness SolutionsLearn More

When you have thousands (or millions) of products and customers, pricing can easily get out of control. In fact, your team can spend most of the day just responding to exception requests. PROS gives you a comprehensive solution to take back control of your pricing, from setting the best pricing guidance for every deal to making mass price changes (and knowing the impact they will have on your sales and profit). The result: rising profits, far more efficient processes, and the full confidence of your executives.

Scientific Analytics™ for PricingLearn More

Quickly analyze transactional data to pinpoint the root cause of margin leaks and operational inefficiencies. Track the performance of products and customers against business goals.

Price Manager™Learn More

Efficiently administer, analyze, and execute pricing in complex environments. Bring all supporting price analysis into a central place to make informed pricing decisions that are aligned with the organization’s pricing strategy.

Price Optimizer™Learn More

Accurately optimize millions of price points with pricing guidance based on market-leading, proven data science. Sales teams will negotiate with confidence and win more deals at higher prices in less time.