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Ever wonder how to get started? Confused about what to do first, next, and so on? Our step-by-step tutorials provide straightforward guidance on some of the more complex pricing subjects and pricing processes. Enhance your team’s skills and knowledge, while moving forward with much more clarity and far less guesswork.

Here’s a sampling from the Journal:

Exposing Your Differential Value Step-by-Step

This tutorial cuts through the apparent complexity of value-based pricing to provide simplified, step-by-step process for understanding and exposing the differential value of your offerings.

How to Prevent Margin Meltdowns in the Field

When your salespeople adopt better pricing and discounting habits, your strategies can become much more powerful than they were on paper. In this tutorial, learn seven real-world strategies and tactics for getting B2B salespeople to price and discount more effectively.

How to Advance Your Career in B2B Pricing

In this day and age, you can’t just expect things to happen, you have to make things happen. This tutorial explains eight different "plays" to effectively manage and advance your career in pricing.

Leveraging Peer Pressure to Improve Pricing

This tutorial provides insight into salespeople's behavior and outlines an effective game plan for motivating your sales team to police themselves and close more deals at their target prices.

Step-by-Step Competitive Analysis for Strategic Pricing

How to use competitive analysis to identify actionable opportunities to gain strategic advantage, expose competitive gaps, provide differentiation beyond price, and reduce the pressure to discount.

Five Steps Toward Understanding Salespeople

A big part of pricing is influencing and motivating salespeople to price and discount more effectively. This guide helps you understand salespeople and learn what makes them tick.

How to Explain Price Segmentation to Others

As powerful as it is, price segmentation can sometimes be difficult for people outside of pricing to understand. This tutorial simplifies the concepts so that just about anyone can understand this important and foundational concept.

Delivering Answers to the Point of Sale

While the promise of data-driven decisions in sales is compelling, it’s rarely realistic. This tutorial reveals a more effective approach for getting salespeople to use data and analytics to make better pricing decisions.