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Here’s a sampling from the Journal:

Getting the Top Job in B2B Pricing

How do you become a Vice President of Pricing at a multi-billion dollar B2B company? A great first step is to get some advice from someone like Dick Braun, the Vice President of Strategic Pricing at Parker Hannifin.

Are Revenue Management and Pricing Different?

Some practitioners will use the terms "revenue management" and "pricing" interchangeably. In this expert interview, Amit Aggarwal, the Executive Vice President of Revenue Management at iHeartMedia, helps explain the differences and why they matter.

Tackling Sales Comp to Drive Pricing Excellence

In this expert interview, Bob Vezeau, the Vice President of Strategic Pricing at WestRock, discusses his experiences redesigning the company's sales compensation platform to better align with pricing excellence.

Do European Companies Really Price Better?

In this informative interview, Per Sjofors, the founder and CEO of Atenga, defends his bold assertion that European companies lead US companies in the development of pricing capabilities and processes.

How to Leverage Big Data & Pricing Science

In this expert interview, Jim Vaughn, the author of a new book called "Stop Racing in a Blindfold," talks about how to combine Big Data and Pricing Science to drive better financial results, at scale, and on a go-forward basis.

Considerations for Pricing Through Channels

How do you get your arms around the various players in the channel and manage the links in the distribution chain? In this interview, we discuss channel pricing with Peter Maniscalco, a Senior Manager of Pricing at a major IT Products and Services company.

Seize the Pricing Opportunity Before Others Do

In this conversation with David Bauders, the Founder and President of Strategic Pricing Associates (SPA), you'll glean insights and tips from his experiences working with hundreds of distributors and manufacturers.

Creating More Powerful Sales Proposals

An interview with Reuben Swartz about how to create sales proposals that win more business at higher margins.

Developing Pricing People Into Business Leaders

How do you develop great pricers and prepare them for other leadership positions in the company? In this interview, Greg Preuer discusses his team's intense, 48-week pricing training program.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Price Segmentation

In this expert interview, Barrett Thompson provides insight into the common problems and pitfalls to avoid when developing price segmentation models in B2B environments.

Working With the C-Suite to Improve Pricing

A conversation with veteran pricing professional Lydia DiLiello about working more effectively with executive management.

Exploring Four Different Types of Buyers

To win a negotiation without giving up too much, it's important to understand who's on the other side of the table. This interview with Nelson Hyde teaches you about four types of buyers --- how to identify them and how to deal with them.

Exploring the Future of the Pricing Profession

Pricing is a specialized function and it can be difficult to get a read on the health and status of where the field is headed. Kevin Mitchell of the Professional Pricing Association provides his perspectives on the state of the pricing profession.

Stop Being Afraid of Procurement

In this interview with Chris Provines, author of "Selling to Procurement", get an inside look at the goals and tactics of the purchasing people who are working so hard to get your salespeople to give up margin.

Finding Your Path Toward Pricing Improvement

An insightful conversation with Andre Weber of Simon-Kucher & Partners about pricing improvement in B2B.

Embracing the Embedded Pricing Organization

Mark Burton, co-author of the book, "Pricing with Confidence: 10 Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table," talks with us about the next evolution of the pricing department.

Fixing the Causes of Rogue Salespeople

It's all too easy to observe rampant discounting in the field and conclude that "rogue" salespeople are the source of the problem. In this expert interview, Paul Hunt exposes the real problems behind rampant discounting in the field.