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nobullEffective pricing in B2B involves so much more than just the numbers. And many of the pricing practices from the B2C world are irrelevant or impractical in B2B environments where organizational dynamics and the status quo present formidable challenges. Subscribers appreciate that the ever-expanding arsenal of resources in The Journal covers the strategic, tactical, and organizational aspects of pricing, specific to B2B.

Topics Covered in the Journal:

Organization & Career Development — Taking your team and career to the next level by focusing on the right things, taking the lead, and producing results.

Analysis & Optimization — Getting beyond mere reporting to understand why things are happening, diagnose root-causes, and devise profitable solutions.

Technology & Tools — Using technology to not only drive efficiency and scale, but also enable pricing practices that just aren’t possible to execute any other way.

Adoption & Change Management — Influencing others in your organization, gaining support for your efforts, and facilitating meaningful changes.

Models, Methods & Structure — Designing pricing structures to capture your value and developing models that reflect the true dynamics of your markets.

Pricing Intelligence & Research — Anticipating your next moves by developing a deep understanding buyer behaviors and competitive responses.

Leadership & Evangelism — Becoming a more effective champion for professional pricing in your business and showing others the way to more profitable growth.

Pricing Process Management — Developing efficient and scalable processes and procedures for ensuring accurate and timely price execution across the enterprise.

Strategic & Competitive Pricing — Looking beyond the tactical to proactively create the conditions under which better pricing outcomes are the natural result.

Value Pricing & Negotiation — Understanding the true value of your offerings and protecting your margins against today’s savvy business buyers.