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In Pricing, You Need To Keep Up With Best Practices

Ideally, you and your team will know everything they can about the myriad of issues and problems they’re facing…before attempting to address them. And certainly, you want your team to learn as much as they can about what really works and what doesn’t…before they reinvent the wheel or repeat costly mistakes.

But Who Really Has The Time…Or Opportunity?

  • …to conduct in-depth research on all the various issues and problems that might come up?
  • …to click on tons of search engine results to find a few tips that might actually help?
  • …to wade through academic research to identify the handful of tactics that could be relevant?
  • …to interact with pricing experts to hear the dirty truth about making pricing strategies work?
  • …to get other practitioners to share the lessons learned that they keep close to their vest?

Well…That’s Our Business…Our Team Does The Research So You Don’t Have To

At PricingBrew, it’s our business to explore issues and problems that most B2B pricing teams will inevitably have to deal with. It’s our business to stay on top of new developments and innovations in the pricing space. And it’s our business to get beyond the academic theories and find out what really works…and what doesn’t.

  • Our research team gathers proven practices and lessons-learned from practitioners and industry experts all over the globe–through telephone interviews, email exchanges, questionnaires, surveys, and curated content. We pull together the real-world experiences and practical know-how of people who are working in the trenches, dealing with these critical issues on a daily basis, and being held accountable for the success or failure of their decisions.
  • Then, we distill the information down to the essentials leaving out the fluff and filler to synthesize the most useful information. We identify the shared themes and practices across various industries. We determine the common problems and pitfalls to be avoided along the way. And, as former practitioners ourselves, we assess every concept, practice, and technique for relevance and practicality in a typical B2B environment.
  • Finally, we publish these concise nuggets of wisdom and insight to the PricingBrew Journal’s ever-expanding library of hundreds of tutorials, express guides, case studies, research reports, worksheets, tools, and diagnostics—all accessible online, 24×7, from any computer or mobile device.

Our On-Demand Library Is Full Of Research On Critical Topics

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  • Does your team need to learn more about pricing to value?
    On that topic alone, the Journal’s library contains 43 step-by-step tutorials, express guides, worksheets and case studies that can broaden their knowledge and better-inform their decisions.
  • Or, how about working more effectively with the sales team?
    That’s a big challenge for B2B pricing teams, right? Well, there are 30+ on-demand educational resources in the library that address that specific issue.
  • What about brushing up on the fundamentals?
    The library contains dozens of primers, guides, and tutorials covering the basics of conducting pricing analyses, building segmentation models, leveraging price elasticity, and more.

And what if you’re not sure where the real problems may be, or where your best opportunities for improvement may lie? In the library, you’ll find a number of self-assessments and worksheets to help you zero-in on the right areas.

Here's a sampling of the resources you'll find in the library:

Exposing Your Differential Value Step-by-Step

This tutorial cuts through the apparent complexity of value-based pricing to provide simplified, step-by-step process for understanding and exposing the differential value of your offerings.

How to Prevent Margin Meltdowns in the Field

When your salespeople adopt better pricing and discounting habits, your strategies can become much more powerful than they were on paper. In this tutorial, learn seven real-world strategies and tactics for getting B2B salespeople to price and discount more effectively.

How to Advance Your Career in B2B Pricing

In this day and age, you can’t just expect things to happen, you have to make things happen. This tutorial explains eight different "plays" to effectively manage and advance your career in pricing.

Leveraging Peer Pressure to Improve Pricing

This tutorial provides insight into salespeople's behavior and outlines an effective game plan for motivating your sales team to police themselves and close more deals at their target prices.

Step-by-Step Competitive Analysis for Strategic Pricing

How to use competitive analysis to identify actionable opportunities to gain strategic advantage, expose competitive gaps, provide differentiation beyond price, and reduce the pressure to discount.

Five Steps Toward Understanding Salespeople

A big part of pricing is influencing and motivating salespeople to price and discount more effectively. This guide helps you understand salespeople and learn what makes them tick.

How to Explain Price Segmentation to Others

As powerful as it is, price segmentation can sometimes be difficult for people outside of pricing to understand. This tutorial simplifies the concepts so that just about anyone can understand this important and foundational concept.

Delivering Answers to the Point of Sale

While the promise of data-driven decisions in sales is compelling, it’s rarely realistic. This tutorial reveals a more effective approach for getting salespeople to use data and analytics to make better pricing decisions.

The Anatomy of a Successful B2B Pricing Analyst

What key competencies are most important for a B2B pricing analyst to have? This guide covers PricingBrew Network research into the 21 most important attributes, skills, and capabilities for B2B pricing analysts to develop or possess.

Driving Strategic Decisions with Pricing Analytics

Most often, pricing analytics are only used to evaluate specific deals, identify pricing outliers, and measure price performance over time. But in the right hands, armed with the right questions, pricing analytics can serve a much more strategic purpose.

Influencing Internal Pricing Negotiations

In B2B, the most costly pricing negotiations often take place within the confines of our own organizations. In this guide, you'll learn the top 10 strategies for negotiating better pricing outcomes with others inside your company.

How Customers Evaluate a Price

Customers aren't as logical in understanding value and assessing a price as you might think. In this guide, Mark Dresdner exposes eight factors that play an important role when a potential customer evaluates your prices.

Understanding How B2B Pricing Is Different

It's dangerous to assume that the pricing principles are the same whether the buyer is an individual consumer or a business. This guide explains five important differences between B2B and B2C pricing and how you can use them to your advantage.

Building A Center Of Excellence Around Pricing

For many companies, the Pricing Center of Excellence model is finding favor over centralized pricing teams. This guide exposes the critical differences and steps to getting started with this popular model in your own organization.

Creating & Managing a Pricing Governance Team

Pricing is often the culmination of many decisions made by many different groups across the company. In this guide, learn to embrace the inter-connected nature of pricing in a B2B environment by giving stakeholders a voice.

How to Crater a Market with Cost-Plus Pricing

For one large manufacturer, cost-plus pricing was tantamount to malpractice. In this case study, learn how the lack of strategic pricing capability reduced the value of an entire market by over $1 billion.

How Strict Pricing Enforcement Killed a Product

Strict enforcement of pricing policies can seem like a great idea. But this comical case study sheds some light on the perils of enforcing policies that are lacking (and somewhat ridiculous).

How a "Top Salesperson" Gutted a Pricing Initiative

It's important to get Sales on-board when pursuing a pricing technology initiative, right? But how important is it, really? In this case study, learn to avoid the mistakes one company made when implementing a new pricing technology.

Effective Internal Marketing for Pricing Initiatives

Pricing initiatives don't happen overnight and organizational support can wane over time. Without some thoughtful planning, initiatives can end-up fading into the background. Learn the approaches two companies used to keep support and momentum going.

Exploring the Root-Causes of Pricing Problems

An educational case study collection exploring seven instances where further investigation revealed that supposed pricing problems weren't really pricing problems after all.

Using a Cost-Plus Mindset to Your Advantage

An edgy case study that exposes how one company got "creative" to improve profitability without having to change their sales team's ingrained cost-plus pricing behaviors.

Two Ways to Champion Pricing Initiatives

This case history details how one pricing champion used two different approaches to gain support and approval...and got very different results. Find out which approach worked better.

The B2B Pricing Capability Self-Assessment

To help identify areas for improvement and help gauge the competitiveness of your company's strategic and tactical pricing capabilities, simply answer the 52 questions in this straightforward self-assessment as truthfully and objectively as possible.

Ten Signs Your Pricing Strategy Stinks

There are so many factors at play in pricing that it can be difficult to know if your strategy is really effective or not. This simple self-assessment can help determine whether the odds are for or against your pricing strategy.

The Price Segmentation Self-Assessment

Simply answer the questions in this self-assessment (objectively) to gauge the likely quality, accuracy, and efficacy of your price segmentation model. You can assess overall quality, as well as pinpoint specific opportunities for improvement.

Three Types of Buyers That Don't Buy on Price

Research says that 60-70% of buyers aren't price buyers---lower your price for them and you just give margin away. Learn how to identify the types of buyers where additional discounts won't help you win the business.

The Triangulated Competitive Audit Guide

The Triangulated Competitive Audit Guide provides you with a full reference list of the strategic questions you'll want to ask to gain a deeper understanding of your competitors and their motivations.

Underrated Pricing Technology Evaluation Criteria

This 36-question diagnostic exposes and explains seven areas of pricing technology evaluation and comparison that are underrated, underutilized, and deserving of much greater consideration by prospective buyers.

The Multiple Dimensions of Value Chart

Use this chart of potential value-drivers along multiple dimensions to aid your initial brainstorming around how your offerings deliver value to your customers.

Preventing Bad Deals Before They Happen

Thanks to analytical toolsets, it's easy to identify deals that weren't priced properly. But after-the-fact corrective actions do little to prevent outliers from happening again. This diagnostic shows you how to uncover and address the true root causes behind bad deals.

Reveal More Resources...

How valuable is it to have a whole library of B2B pricing tutorials, express guides, case studies, research reports, assessments, tools, and diagnostics—all curated by former practitioners and distilled to the essentials—just a click away when your team needs to solve a problem or address an issue?

Of course, it’s hard to say for sure. But we’re extremely confident that the Resource Library alone is worth at least ten times your investment in a PricingBrew Journal subscription for you and your team.

After all, it’s pretty easy to see how just one effective strategy gleaned from a tutorial…or one proven tactic picked up from an express guide…or a single big mistake avoided by reading a case study…could make or save your company tens of thousands of dollars and likely a whole lot more.

For an annual price of just $599 for the first user and $125 for each additional user on your team, everyone gets access to this content-rich and ever-growing library. Not only that, but everyone gets access to all of the other features as well, including our popular webinar series, expert interviews, as well as our Help Desk.

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Expert Interviews

Learn from Other Practitioners Who've "Been There and Done That" Through Our Expert Interview Series

Subscribers can hear 25+ hours of in-depth interviews we've conducted (with new ones each month). Hear war stories from others in the pricing trenches. Learn about emerging best practices, the latest trends in B2B pricing, what’s worked well (and what's failed miserably).

Discover the Expert Interview Series


Training Webinars

Dozens of "Sales Free" Training Webinars and Workshops Covering Crucial B2B Pricing Topics

Subscribers get access to our entire online archive of recorded training webinars--each one is a full 60+ minutes of 100% educational content. Plus, every few weeks we hold a new subscriber-only webinar that your team members can attend and participate in live.

Check Out Our Webinars


Help Desk Service

Ask Our Team of Analysts for Advice, Insights, and Perspectives on Your Specific Pricing Challenges

Subscribers can use our Help Desk service to tap into our team of pricing analysts and researchers to get unbiased advice and unvarnished perspectives on your specific pricing issues and challenges---privately and confidentially, of course.

Learn More About The Help Desk

These Features Cover The Spectrum Of B2B Pricing Topics

  • Price Segmentation & Elasticity
  • Value Pricing & Negotiation
  • Strategic & Competitive Pricing
  • Pricing Technology & Analytics
  • Customer Profitability & Growth
  • New Product & Lifecycle Pricing
  • Pricing Leadership & Evangelism
  • Cost-to-Serve Modeling
  • Sales Force Engagement
  • Adoption & Change Management
  • Team Structure & Career Development
  • Pricing Process Management

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