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SPARXiQ provides the analytics, tools, and training necessary for companies to accelerate performance and profitability.

Today’s modern, high-performing companies need both data-driven analytics and skills training to continually improve performance. SPARXiQ integrates these two critical elements to help clients accelerate profitable growth.

At SPARXiQ, we bring deep expertise, inspired talent, and relentless energy to uncover new value levers to accelerate our clients’ profitable growth. With our help, our clients optimize margins, build more effective sales teams, and improve operations.

Since our inception in 1993, SPARXiQ (formerly SPA/SPASIGMA) has generated billions of dollars of profitable growth for hundreds of organizations, including twenty-five Fortune 500 companies, and is a leading provider of profit-maximizing analytics.

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Companies with complex pricing environments struggle to maintain optimal margins on daily transactions where a wide variety of products is sold to a wide range of customers. Without data-driven guidance on where to quote each specific customer and opportunity, salespeople can’t be expected to price correctly and often compromise margin by underpricing.

PriceGPS™ from SPARXiQ helps distributors and manufacturers maximize margins through strategic pricing recommendations. SPARXiQ combines your understanding of markets with proven analytics deliver the optimal pricing architecture for your business, one that provides both discipline and flexibility.

Take the guesswork out of your complex pricing environment and allow your sales force to focus on serving the customer and delivering value through strategic pricing.

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Quickly and easily increase profits by 25%

SPARXiQ has discovered, from years of studying distributor transaction data, that companies actually lose money on a surprising amount of low-demand products. The reason? Traditional pricing matrices don’t account for variances in the cost to serve that are specific to certain long-tail, ancillary items. Combined with cost-plus pricing methods with consistent markups across all product lines, this creates a costly problem.

Switch™ by SPARXiQ uses proprietary approaches to seamlessly identify and optimize the cost basis of products that are cutting into your profits. And, to make things as easy as possible, these adjustments are seamlessly loaded directly into your ERP system.

Contract GPS™
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Master specific pricing agreements (SPAs) and contracts

Managing countless special pricing records – all with different pricing, terms, and expiration dates – creates significant complexity for manufacturers and distributors.

Because of the administrative challenges to maintaining contract and SPA business, many companies simply extend existing pricing and terms, rolling them over year after year, resulting in reduced profitability.

SPARXiQ helps companies regain control and profitability in this challenging part of their business with ContractGPS™.

ContractGPS™ is a cloud-based, ERP-agnostic platform that provides flexible, easy-to-use options for searching, summarizing, and modifying contract records that are often tough to navigate.

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Today’s modern buyer expects in-stock availability and same-day delivery; in fact, Amazon (and its imitators) are raising the bar to 2-hour delivery in many markets and in many product categories (increasing B2B). From a customer-centric point of view, the “I don’t have it but I can get it for you” response won’t cut it anymore. The myopic obsession with inventory turns has led many distributors to undermine a core tenet of their value proposition: supporting customers’ time-sensitive needs as frictionlessly as possible.

Coupled with the right customer-segment targeting (ProfitGPS™), and optimized pricing differentiation (PriceGPS™)InventoryGPS™ provides manufacturers and distributors the profit-optimized inventory analytics to drive profitable growth and market-leading customer centricity.

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Unlock deep insights into your company’s profitability

When it comes to customer and product profitability, elite companies measure and manage key drivers and outcomes. Where executives are familiar with their company’s income statement and core underlying performance metrics, it’s critical that front-line teams have an understanding of the profit impacts of their day-to-day processes and actions.

ProfitGPS™ provides the critical visibility needed to significantly improve profitability. The ProfitGPS™ dashboard breaks true operating costs down to the transactional level, allowing you to build up a variety of views into profitability trends across your organization.

This unique level of visibility helps you make smarter operational business decisions that can deliver sizable impacts to your bottom line.