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SPARXiQ delivers analytics, tools and training solutions that help companies accelerate performance and profitability.

As the marketplace has moved through its digital evolution, industry-leading companies have seized the opportunity to put their data to work for them. The forces of change in recent years have also placed a premium on the value of human capital.

Our clients understand that sustainable business improvement requires a combination of the right strategy, tools and execution. SPARXiQ is committed to solving business challenges by enabling data-driven decisions and equipping front-line sales team with skills to accelerate results.

When you work with us, you gain a partner to help you navigate the challenges in today’s market to maximize business performance.

Strategic PricingLearn More

Take the guesswork out of your company’s pricing.

Complex pricing situations create challenges that cut into your bottom line. Because each of your thousands of customers, and products, has its own unique pricing considerations, your sales team cannot be expected to know the ideal price point for every sale.

PriceGPS helps create pricing consistency by providing your team with strategic pricing recommendations. Data-driven guidance takes the guesswork out of pricing, allowing your sales team to focus on serving the customer and driving value.

Sales AnalyticsLearn More

Grow existing accounts with data-driven recommendations.

For most companies, the easiest path to growth is through selling more to existing customers. Convert your extensive transactional data into sales analytics that inform strategies and provide actionable recommendations to salespeople directly.

AccountGPS provides data-driven insights and recommendations to help sellers maintain and grow current customers. With the right prescriptive guidance, sales teams and channel partners can improve customer health, order consistency, and share of wallet.

CSP ManagementLearn More

Take control of your customer-specific pricing.

ContractGPS is a workflow platform that provides easy-to-use functionality for searching, organizing, and modifying customer-specific pricing records. Coupled with intelligent pricing recommendations, the platform helps you regain profitability within your contracts.

ContractGPS slices through the complexity that comes with managing countless SPA and contract price records. Instead of simply rolling over poorly priced contracts from one year to the next, implement an efficient system to master your contract business.

Negotiation Quotient™
Sales TrainingLearn More

Ensure Better Negotiation Outcomes.

In today’s business environment, where competition is broad and margins are narrow, sales teams cannot afford to leave money on the table. 

The reality is that over 70 percent of buyers are professionally trained in negotiation skills and sadly, less than 15 percent of salespeople have received similar training. The playing field is uneven, resulting in sellers compromising margin to get a sale when a buyer uses negotiation tactics. 

Negotiation Quotient is an online sales training program that teaches sellers to capture the value they’ve created, protecting profitability in the process.