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Research Reports

Learn About Your Peers in B2B Pricing…

What are leading B2B pricing teams doing differently? How do your investments, practices, and processes really stack up? Are you keeping pace or are you falling behind? Based on data gathered through research interviews and surveys, our Research Reports will help you answer these questions and many more.

Here’s a sampling from the Journal:

Where Should the Pricing Function Be Located?

Should Pricing report directly to the CEO? Should it be located in Sales, Marketing, Product, or Finance? While none of these organizational locations is perfect, through our research, we've been able to identify and document some of the common pros and cons associated with each location.

Two Paths Toward Pricing Improvement

More B2B companies than ever before are taking steps to improve their pricing. But they aren't all going about it in the same ways...or achieving the same results. In this special report, we characterize the two primary paths that are being taken and expose the critical differences.

13 Unique Price Segmentation Attributes

When you identify meaningful segmentation attributes, you also uncover a source of competitive advantage. This research brief explores a variety of unique price segmentation attributes that companies in the PricingBrew Network have found to be important.

Comparing Pricing Budgets and Resources

How do you know if your company is investing enough resources in pricing? In this research briefing, learn how your investments in pricing stack up to other companies in the PricingBrew community.

New Benchmarks for Pricing Excellence in B2B

In our research, we’ve identified ten areas where “best practices” have been redefined; setting new benchmarks for pricing excellence in B2B. Use this self-assessment to see how your capabilities measure up.

Myth Vs. Reality in Pricing Technology

This special report exposes seven of the most common and costly pricing technology myths and misconceptions we've encountered in our research. Find out if outdated beliefs are causing you to fall further and further behind.

Pricing Tech Utilization: Users Vs. Laggards

Based on an in-depth PricingPulse research study, this briefing exposes the critical differences between the companies who are currently using pricing technology, and those who are not.

Spotlight on the B2B Pricing Organization

This report, based on our PricingPulse research, shines more light on the composition, perspectives, and priorities of dedicated pricing groups in leading B2B companies.

How Does Your Pricing Department Compare?

Ever wonder how your pricing department stacks up to others? This PricingPulse research briefing explores the size, experience, challenges, and priorities of B2B pricing organizations.