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Identify and Fix Your Problems Faster…

It’s not always easy to identify pricing problems, let alone work through them in an efficient way. With the Journal’s straightforward assessments and diagnostics, you can more quickly zero-in on opportunities for improvement and devise solutions using a variety of downloadable tools and worksheets.

Here’s a sampling from the Journal:

The B2B Pricing Capability Self-Assessment

To help identify areas for improvement and help gauge the competitiveness of your company's strategic and tactical pricing capabilities, simply answer the 52 questions in this straightforward self-assessment as truthfully and objectively as possible.

Ten Signs Your Pricing Strategy Stinks

There are so many factors at play in pricing that it can be difficult to know if your strategy is really effective or not. This simple self-assessment can help determine whether the odds are for or against your pricing strategy.

The Price Segmentation Self-Assessment

Simply answer the questions in this self-assessment (objectively) to gauge the likely quality, accuracy, and efficacy of your price segmentation model. You can assess overall quality, as well as pinpoint specific opportunities for improvement.

Three Types of Buyers That Don't Buy on Price

Research says that 60-70% of buyers aren't price buyers---lower your price for them and you just give margin away. Learn how to identify the types of buyers where additional discounts won't help you win the business.

The Triangulated Competitive Audit Guide

The Triangulated Competitive Audit Guide provides you with a full reference list of the strategic questions you'll want to ask to gain a deeper understanding of your competitors and their motivations.

Underrated Pricing Technology Evaluation Criteria

This 36-question diagnostic exposes and explains seven areas of pricing technology evaluation and comparison that are underrated, underutilized, and deserving of much greater consideration by prospective buyers.

The Multiple Dimensions of Value Chart

Use this chart of potential value-drivers along multiple dimensions to aid your initial brainstorming around how your offerings deliver value to your customers.

Preventing Bad Deals Before They Happen

Thanks to analytical toolsets, it's easy to identify deals that weren't priced properly. But after-the-fact corrective actions do little to prevent outliers from happening again. This diagnostic shows you how to uncover and address the true root causes behind bad deals.