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Vendavo, Inc.

Vendavo’s vision is to be the market leader in commercial excellence — equipping and empowering our customers around the globe to unleash their true commercial potential, claim their competitive edge, and become the performance leaders they are meant to be. We empower B2B Global 2000 leaders with world-class, innovative pricing and sales intelligence solutions that yield the insights necessary to drive millions to the bottom line. Our customers—who operate across various industries including discrete manufacturing, distribution, process industry, and services—trust our solutions and business experts to provide guidance on effective strategies and best practices that maximize margins and enable businesses to close more deals, more profitably.

Vendavo® PricePointLearn More

Vendavo® PricePoint is a complete, cloud-based solution that enables B2B organizations to operationalize their ideal pricing strategies across their lines of business, regions, and channels. The solution supports all major pricing strategies such as value-based and competitive-based, to ensure pricing is always up-to-date and based on ever-changing market conditions.  It’s a solution suite that manages everything from global list pricing structures, to regional, local and channel list prices, to customer-specific pricing and policies. Vendavo PricePoint brings together all the internal and external data needed to enable true dynamic pricing that’s based on customer perceived value and market conditions.

Vendavo® Deal Price GuidanceLearn More

Vendavo® Deal Price Guidance is the only intelligent cloud-based solution that delivers deal-specific pricing guidance that’s based on an ideal blend of powerful AI and your unique business insight, directly to your CRM and quotation workflows. Your team can easily segment your market based on willingness-to-pay, set and revise intelligent pricing guidance levels that adhere to your business rules and strategies, preview the impact of the recommended prices, and then make your intelligent price guidance available to whatever quoting or commerce solutions you use. With configuration in as little as 24 hours, your organization can give sales the right price for every deal – improving win rates, enterprise profitability targets, and customer experience.

Vendavo® iCPQLearn More

Vendavo® Intelligent CPQ is a cloud-based solution that enables the enterprise to maximize profit and win more deals with every quote. B2B enterprises can now leverage advanced analytics to develop dynamic pricing that maximizes profitability across every customer while automating the quote-to-cash-process. Sales teams can now immediately access recommended product configurations and pricing optimized for both enterprise profitability, and deal win rates. Quote iterations are reduced, sales productivity increases, and customer experience improves resulting in greater enterprise profitability.

Vendavo® Profit AnalyzerLearn More

Vendavo® Profit Analyzer delivers powerful in-memory analytics helping you to continually identify profit trends and opportunities for improvement. Understand the true profitability of customers, products, market segments or channels over time and find out what drives bad deals. Identify root causes for margin leakage, decide on corrective action and quantify improvement opportunities. Explain how revenue or margin has changed from one period to the next in terms of price, volume, mix, win/loss or cost and identify drivers for business change. Through a combination of charts, tables and reports, users can analyze historic transaction data combined with external data, such as price setting and deal data. Analysis and insights about profit improvement can be shared with key stakeholders across the organization through easy-to-use visual dashboards. Vendavo Profit Analyzer empowers your entire team to make pricing an organizational discipline.

Vendavo® Business Risk AlertsLearn More

Vendavo® Business Risk Alerts automatically sends out customizable alerts to relevant stakeholders so your organization can track changes in your customers’ buying behavior 24/7. These alerts immediately notify your team of potentially risky accounts and arm your sales team with information to take corrective action and restore profitability. Vendavo Business Risk Alerts utilizes your historical transaction data to detect changes in customer behavior that indicate increased business risk. The alerts assess the performance risks of your customers and products. You can customize the KPIs you want to monitor for each segment of your business.