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Who has time to wade through esoteric dissertations and academic tomes just to glean a few nuggets of actionable insight? With dozens of Express Guides covering a broad range of topics and all distilled to the essentials for rapid consumption, Journal subscribers can get the know-how they need in just minutes.

Here’s a sampling from the Journal:

The Anatomy of a Successful B2B Pricing Analyst

What key competencies are most important for a B2B pricing analyst to have? This guide covers PricingBrew Network research into the 21 most important attributes, skills, and capabilities for B2B pricing analysts to develop or possess.

Driving Strategic Decisions with Pricing Analytics

Most often, pricing analytics are only used to evaluate specific deals, identify pricing outliers, and measure price performance over time. But in the right hands, armed with the right questions, pricing analytics can serve a much more strategic purpose.

Influencing Internal Pricing Negotiations

In B2B, the most costly pricing negotiations often take place within the confines of our own organizations. In this guide, you'll learn the top 10 strategies for negotiating better pricing outcomes with others inside your company.

How Customers Evaluate a Price

Customers aren't as logical in understanding value and assessing a price as you might think. In this guide, Mark Dresdner exposes eight factors that play an important role when a potential customer evaluates your prices.

Understanding How B2B Pricing Is Different

It's dangerous to assume that the pricing principles are the same whether the buyer is an individual consumer or a business. This guide explains five important differences between B2B and B2C pricing and how you can use them to your advantage.

Building A Center Of Excellence Around Pricing

For many companies, the Pricing Center of Excellence model is finding favor over centralized pricing teams. This guide exposes the critical differences and steps to getting started with this popular model in your own organization.

Creating & Managing a Pricing Governance Team

Pricing is often the culmination of many decisions made by many different groups across the company. In this guide, learn to embrace the inter-connected nature of pricing in a B2B environment by giving stakeholders a voice.