Event: EPP

EPP – MedTech Pricing

January 21 - 22, 2021 Online Event 9:00am CET

This pricing course is designed to help you master the intricacies of pricing for Medical Technology products. The MedTech market is evolving rapidly, with increasing digitization of services, greater emphasis on risky outcome-based reimbursement rather than fee-for-service, and little growth in payer’s overall budgets, even as new, innovative technologies emerge.

These factors create a challenging environment for MedTech pricing: in addition to mastering the basics of pricing and market access in a complex, dynamic market, pricing professionals need to understand outcome-based pricing strategies, when to use them and what it takes to effectively execute them.

They also need to understand pricing trends such as AI, dynamic pricing, digital pricing and subscription pricing models and how they will (or won’t) affect MedTech pricing.

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