About Our Approach and Founders

Here's how the PricingBrew Journal delivers the practical know-how you need to make your B2B pricing efforts more profitable.

Pricing is a rather secretive discipline. Companies tend to keep what they learn close to the vest and away from customers and competitors. And so much of the information that is out are outdated concepts and academic theories or general concepts. In order stay ahead of the competition, you need a resource that exposes the pricing best practices and strategies that really work in B2B environments. That’s why we created The PricingBrew Journal.

Our Unique Research Process Uncovers What Actually Works


Our research team curates proven practices and lessons learned from leading practitioners and industry experts all over the globe. Through interviews, questionnaires, and research surveys, we pull together the real-world experiences and practical know-how of people who’ve “been there and done that”—people who are working in the trenches, dealing with these critical issues on a daily basis, and being held accountable for the success or failure of their decisions.


We cut through the fluff and filler to synthesize and distill the information down to the essentials. We expose the shared themes and practices across multiple industries. We determine the common problems and pitfalls to be avoided along the way. And, as former practitioners ourselves, we assess every concept, practice, and technique for relevance and practicality in a real-world B2B environment.


We publish these concise nuggets of wisdom and insight to our ever-expanding library of webinars, tutorials, guides, case studies, interviews, research reports, tools and diagnostics called the PricingBrew Journal. New resources are continually published and available to subscribers 24×7 from any computer or mobile device.

One more thing…

We don’t sell consulting. Nor do we sell technology. Our business is about providing the information and insights that can help our subscribers overcome challenges and become more successful. So we always strive to deliver the straight scoop…even if it’s unpopular or runs counter to the conventional wisdom.

Our Founders Are Former Practitioners…Who Were Frustrated

The challenges of pricing in a business-to-business environment are unique. They can’t be generalized into consumer pricing concepts or boiled down into academic theories. Plus, it’s not easy to be expert in all of the areas that successful pricing demands–like pricing strategy, sales processes, negotiation, change management, analysis, segmentation models, elasticity measurement, value identification, and optimization.

For far too long it was hard to find good, timely information about what actually works in all of those areas.

So our founders built the PricingBrew Journal with a commitment to:

  • Provide research-driven best practices from a real-world perspective–exposing the pragmatic approaches that work and the hurdles you’re likely to face.
  • Deliver information on-demand without the physical constraints of a printed publication or the expense and irregularity of in-person events.
  • Ensure that subscribers can trust our insights are unbiased, realistic, and free from an advertising-driven agenda.
Rafe VanDenBerg

Rafe VanDenBerg, Editor in Chief

Rafe VanDenBerg is a veteran of B2b pricing, sales, and marketing. With over 20 years of experience, he’s been a practitioner for Fortune 500 manufacturers and distributors, a successful independent consultant and author, as well as a technology innovator. As a practitioner and consultant, Rafe learned the power of seemingly small improvements in just the right places. Ever since, he’s been an advocate for identifying true root causes and devising simple, pragmatic solutions that can be implemented with minimal disruption.

Eric Boles

Eric Boles, VP of Publishing Operations

Eric Boles has over 15 years of experience in defining and executing strategies that have helped companies—from Fortune 100s to startups—achieve profitable growth. His varied expertise spans marketing strategy, product development, software design, content development and e-commerce. Through the years, Eric has helped guide companies through major milestones—from launching new businesses and technologies, managing spin-offs and M&A initiatives as well as repositioning product lines and companies.

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