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Revenue Analytics

As the pioneer of pricing science, Revenue Analytics helps organizations use their operational data and knowledge to address pricing complexities intelligently and continuously. By leveraging powerful analytics and deep strategic experience, Revenue Analytics provides a structured approach to pricing guidance to eliminate unnecessary discounting, increase sales efficiencies, and drive more profit at scale. Today, our software-plus-professional services solution is trusted by marquee brands as the go-to pricing experts in the manufacturing and distribution verticals.

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Pricing-as-a-Service™ combines advanced pricing technology with a dedicated team of experts to deliver data-driven price guidance based on your unique business.

The Pricing-as-a-Service™ difference:

  • An adaptive, hybrid combination of technology and professional services
  • Industry-leading experience in manufacturing and distribution
  • An ongoing consultative process that helps you stay responsive to ever-changing market conditions
  • SKU-level pricing optimization
  • A lightweight and secure system that puts pricing guidance wherever your sales team needs it
  • Configurable dashboards for real-time compliance and performance insights