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Revenue Analytics

A pioneer of Revenue Management, Revenue Analytics is an enterprise SaaS company that partners with hospitality, media, and manufacturing companies to solve their most complex pricing challenges. By leveraging powerful analytics and deep strategic experience, Revenue Analytics’ next-generation software delivers intuitive answers to help companies perfect their pricing, reclaim missed revenue, and take back their time.

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Stop the nightmares caused by price exceptions – for both you and the customer. Set the right price, auto approve/decline requests. Inject jet fuel into your sales process. On average, seven employees are touched in price exception process. These aren’t hourly workers but high-level executives wasting days and weeks. Bad for you, maybe even worse for your customers. How long will they wait? Will they ever come back? Streamline this painful process and eliminate price exceptions with Price+.

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Confidently raise price on products in accounts you can grow without risking attrition. It can feel impossible to know which products in which accounts to increase at what level. No wonder most spread “peanut butter” price increases across the customer base and wince. Spend less time guessing and hoping and more time knowing and growing. Base+ shows where to safely increase price without risk.

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Provide your customer the perfect, high-converting add-on…that you want them to buy. Many orders are small, but they don’t have to be. An easy way to grow order size is by suggesting add-ons. But which one? Sales folks aren’t mind-readers. You need to show them what the customer wants to buy and what you want them to sell. And that needs to be the same product recommendation. Weigh factors like production, inventory, regional goals – whatever is important to you. Your customers are ordering online and in person. Help them where they buy. Leverage Product+ online, in the field – or both – to increase order size, meet your strategic objectives and grow wallet share with your customers.