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Find the magic in your margins

To drive profits and improve cash flow, businesses need to have pinpoint accuracy and full visibility of their pricing and rebate management.

Flintfox is a global leader in intelligent pricing, helping retailers, CPG, manufacturing & wholesalers make incremental gains by executing their pricing strategies with precision and identifying opportunities for margin growth, as well as managing rebates and promotions with precision.

Flintfox Intelligent Pricing Platform simplifies manual processes, replacing spreadsheets and saving days worth of error-prone data crunching.

With Flintfox, organizations can:

  • Calculate high volumes of prices in real-time from one central source
  • Automate payments and claims for increased speed and accuracy
  • Execute omni-channel pricing with precision
  • Reduce lost revenue and drive profitability

Performance Pricing EngineLearn More

Manage huge volumes of pricing data, on one simple platform.

Process huge datasets at speed
Bring your pricing, promotions, and rebates together into one system. No pricing model or structure too complex, build on-the spot offers and calculate charges immediately.

Streamline your reporting and analytics
It’s never been easier to manage your pricing, whether across regions, verticals, or platforms. Which means pricing – be it analytics, compliance, or reporting – can be managed centrally.

Maximise your profits
EDI transactions at scale simply can’t be checked manually. With our intelligent pricing engine, you can price and compare pricing, sending any errors back to the customer to keep costs watertight.

Rebate ManagementLearn More

Unlock total rebate visbility and accuracy – whether invocing or paying, it’s never been simpler to control cash flow.

Maximise profits
With intelligent rebate management, you get total visibility. No more missed growth incentive targets, no more spreadsheet mistakes or revenue leakage – just a clear view of cash flow.

Save wasted time
Get all the rebate information you need in an instant. No more waiting until the end of the month: processing rebates with different vendor incentives, promotional structures and membership agreements has never been faster.

Build trust with trading partners
Get total payment transparency with line-by-line invoice information you can easily pass on to vendors. Without mistakes or margin for error, they can see you’re a collaborative partner.

Omnichannel PricingLearn More

Execute your pricing across channel with pinpoint accuracy

Beat the competition
React quickly to market signals, competitor activity and new opportunities. With a full view of your channels, you can pivot your pricing strategy and update prices in real time to seal those deals.

Spend time where it matters
Managing separate systems and updating prices manually is a waste of your time. By automating the process, you can spend time where it matters: building a first-class pricing strategy.

Build targeted pricing strategies
Vary your pricing depending on device, application, market, or product. (Or all four at once). Our intelligent pricing platform is exactly as flexible as you need it to be.

Margin ManagementLearn More

Generate better margins on every product

Maximise your profits
When we say a full-picture view, we mean it. See your most profitable products, look at where sales are down, and build in overheads to your pricing waterfall – all so you can build the right price every time.

Spend time where it matters
When margin visibility is this straightforward and simple, you can manage pricing exceptions without doing the manual work. That means you’re maximizing revenue and growing margins (the important stuff).

Make informed decisions, anywhere
Don’t be driven down by vendors to prices that aren’t profitable. Our software gives in-field reps a view on their lowest profitable prices, so they win the right deal – not just the deal right now.