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  • The Big Pricing Failures to Avoid

    Learning the lessons of the past can help you steer clear of some of the profession's biggest pitfalls.

  • Does Pricing Technology Threaten Jobs?

    Some pricing teams worry that if a technological solution is too smart, they or their teams might become expendable. Are they right to be concerned?

  • Priced Wrong, Big Deals Cost More Than You Think

    Everyone wants to win that big deal that will make the quarter. So it's really tempting to get aggressive "just this once." But you shouldn't ignore or rationalize away the hidden risks to winning big deals at the wrong prices.

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  • Fixing the Causes of Rogue Salespeople

    It's all too easy to observe rampant discounting in the field and conclude that "rogue" salespeople are the source of the problem. In this expert interview, Paul Hunt exposes the real problems behind rampant discounting in the field.

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  • Getting the Top Job in B2B Pricing

    How do you become a Vice President of Pricing at a multi-billion dollar B2B company? A great first step is to get some advice from someone like Dick Braun, the Vice President of Strategic Pricing at Parker Hannifin.

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  • Exposing the Truth About Value-Based Pricing

    In this Expert Interview, Stephan Liozu discusses what it really means to practice value-based pricing in a B2B environment. And here's a hint --- there's a lot more to it than many would have us believe!

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