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Secret Price Segmentation Attributes

A while back, we asked the PricingBrew community about some of the more unusual and unique price segmentation attributes they had discovered in their businesses. We wanted to share some of these examples with our subscribers as a way to help them get beyond the obvious and look for “hidden” pricing dynamics they can leverage.

As expected, our community stepped up and we selected the most unique and instructive examples for a new guide called, 13 Unique Price Segmentation Attributes.

Of course, all of the examples will spark your imagination and get you thinking about what might be possible in your own business. But as instructive as it may be to read about these obscure attributes and explore the underlying pricing dynamics that make them work, there’s another important takeaway from the guide:

Your price segmentation model can be a source of proprietary competitive advantage.

Each of the 13 attributes explained in the guide represents one company’s unique perspective on their marketplace, their unique understanding of competitive dynamics, and their unique insight into buyer behavior.

In a very real sense, these companies have each discovered something important that their competitors have either missed, or simply don’t have the same ability to exploit. The unique insights that are made manifest in these price segmentation attributes provide their discoverers with competitive advantages in the marketplace, enabling them to win more business at higher margins.

And as long as each company’s competitive set remains clueless, the advantages afforded by these unique segmentation attributes will remain proprietary.

Which is why the companies that contributed to the 13 Unique Price Segmentation Attributes guide will never, ever be named.

So, don’t even ask 🙂

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