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  • Uncertainty Is No Excuse for Pricing

    You know the storm is coming. So are you really going to wait for all the specifics to be nailed down with 100% certainty to actually do something?

  • Stop Telling Salespeople How to Price?

    If you're ever going to improve pricing performance and profitability, you just have to swallow hard and deal with the animosity from sales, right? Well, not necessarily...

  • Yes, Sales Compensation IS a Pricing Priority

    Some say that the sales comp plan is "outside the scope" of pricing. They claim that pricing leaders should just stay in their box and deal with the numbers in front of them. Well, we'd pay money to see someone try to make that case to Bob Vezeau, the VP of Strategic Pricing at WestRock.

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  • Pros & Cons of Different Pricing Locations

    To help guide your decision about where to locate a dedicated Pricing function in your business, we've compiled this reference table outlining four typical locations, the rationale for each location, as well as the top pros and cons that have been reported.

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  • Finding Margin Leaks in Your Sales Processes

    Every sale is the result of a process. With any process, the quality of the final product is determined by the raw materials. This diagnostic helps improve pricing results by identifying root causes in your sales processes.

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  • The Functional Area Cheat Sheet

    A quick overview of the common ways different internal groups can have an effect on pricing outcomes and suggestions for how you might be able to diplomatically help them help you.

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