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Pricing Technology Reduces Pricing Pressure?

In a research briefing available to PricingBrew Journal subscribers entitled, “Pricing Tech Utilization: Users Vs. Laggards,” we focused on comparing those companies that are currently using pricing technology to those that are not.

While there are a number of critical differences between the “haves” and the “have nots” worth paying attention to, one set of findings in particular really stood out:

  • A whopping 65% of the companies not using pricing technology reported that they were experiencing increasing pricing pressure.
  • At the same time, 59% of the companies that are currently using pricing technology reported either no change at all, or that pricing pressure was actually going down.

In other words, 58% more of the pricing technology “have nots” reported experiencing increasing pricing pressure. I should also note that amongst those not currently using pricing technology, there wasn’t a single company reporting a decrease in pricing pressure.

Correlation? OK. Causation? Maybe.

Interesting, eyebrow-raising, and begging further study?

Most definitely!

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