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5 Tools to Make Your Pricing Initiative Successful

Marketing Your Pricing Initiative for Success proved to be a very popular PricingBrew Journal subscriber webinar. And it makes sense—folks want to know how to ensure success of a pricing initiative. It’s not an easy task…and the challenges hit at just about every stage of the process…

  • Approval: Internal politics and competing departments often create a formidable gauntlet to run—and that’s just to get your initiative off the ground.
  • Implementation: With your initiative approved, the challenge turns to training, change management—and maybe even technology integration.
  • Execution: Once you’ve managed to get everything implemented, then the real work begins—now you have to demonstrate results and maintain momentum.

Since it’s such a popular topic, we wanted to highlight a few of the other resources you can access to help make your pricing initiative run smoothly:

Effective Internal Marketing for Pricing Initiatives
Keeping momentum and support going during a pricing initiative can be tough. Everyone starts out excited, but transformation takes time and support can wane. These two case studies outline step-by-step approaches to keep that momentum and support going.

How To Explain Price Segmentation to Others
Nearly every B2B pricing initiative involves segmentation—and that often requires helping other groups and departments understand what segmentation really is. This tutorial shows you how to simplify the concepts and explain it to others. There’s even slides that you can download and use.

Five Steps to Get More Aligned with Sales
Every pricing initiative is going to touch the sales team at some point. The more that the pricing group is aligned with them, the better chance you have of improving results. This tutorial walks you through a straightforward approach to get there…and shows you the land mines to avoid.

Creating & Managing A Pricing Governance Team
Building a pricing governance team is a solution that’s been gaining popularity lately. Whether or not your company or initiative is using a governance team, this guide includes some helpful information on how to effectively involve the various groups and stakeholders that touch pricing.

Getting Beyond Pricing to Make a Real Impact
Pricing initiatives naturally require buy-in and involvement from other departments—like marketing, sales, finance, etc. Their day-to-day decisions can make or break your pricing efforts. This guide provides practical advice for influencing those departments so your initiatives are set up for success.

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