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Dealing with Price Exceptions

Strategies and Tactics for Improving Your Exception-Handling Processes

Price exceptions are a fact of life for most B2B pricing teams. But for many teams, their exception-handling processes are a significant and ongoing source of frustration and inefficiency. And counter to their purpose, these processes are even a costly source of margin erosion in some cases! So how does one go about improving the efficiency and effectiveness of these critical processes? And can it be done without lot of internal conflict? In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Effective strategies for addressing the real underlying causes of price exceptions.
  • The organizational dynamics that can reinforce the status quo and stifle improvement.
  • Balancing risk, response, profits, and throughput when setting routing thresholds.
  • Proven tactics and tips for reducing bottlenecks and streamlining an exception flow.

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