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B2B eCommerce Pricing Practices

How to Manage and Improve Pricing Performance Through eCommerce Channels

While ecommerce has been growing in B2B for many years, the prolonged global pandemic has clearly kicked this trend into high gear. As a result, a lot of commercial pricing groups are now being forced to learn some new tricks. After all, even though most B2B pricing principles and practices are wholly transferable and applicable to ecommerce, there are significant differences that need to be taken into consideration. In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Taking advantage of the expanded dataset that electronic commerce generates.
  • The dynamics of B2B ecommerce and balancing performance across sales modes.
  • Many tactics, tips, and "lessons learned the hard way" by other B2B practitioners.
  • The role of technology and the myths about ecommerce that can derail progress.

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