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Communicating Value Over Price

Improving Price Realization Through More Effective Value Messaging

Sales, marketing, and product messaging can all have a significant influence on buyers' value perceptions, purchasing preferences, and willingness-to-pay. Unfortunately, this messaging is often so generic and loaded with meaningless platitudes that it actually hurts price realization more than it helps. So how do you know whether your value messaging is good, bad, weak, or strong? And do you ensure that the value of your offerings is being communicated as effectively as it really could and should be? In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • The "wet blanket" effect that weak value messaging has on performance across the board.
  • The most powerful question your sales, marketing, and product messaging can answer.
  • The key ingredients that make for more compelling and convincing strategic value messages.
  • A number of simple constructs you can use to evaluate and improve your value messaging.

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