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Cross-Functional Pricing

Working Effectively with Other Groups and Departments to Improve Pricing Performance

As we've highlighted many times over the years, pricing in a B2B environment is a team sport. After all, there are usually many different groups and departments involved. Some are major players, while others have relatively minor roles. The actions of some will have very direct impacts on performance, while the influence of others can be a bit more subtle. As such, making sure everyone is headed in the right direction...and doing the right things...can be a significant challenge. In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • The critical differences between three high-level approaches being taken by B2B pricing teams.
  • Getting clear about your top pricing issues and focusing on the groups who can address them.
  • Influencing disconnected groups and departments to modify their practices to improve results.
  • Eight components to the most effective cross-functional pricing approaches we've encountered.

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