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Crucial B2B Pricing Concepts

The Critical Differences and Core Concepts You Need to Understand About Pricing in B2B

Pricing in a business-to-business environment is very different from pricing in consumer or retail settings. From competitive and marketplace dynamics to customer and organizational considerations, there are certain fundamental concepts that are unique to B2B pricing. To be most effective, pricers need to understand these differences and the core concepts. In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • 12 ways B2B pricing is different and unique---and why those differences are so important to understand.
  • Various consumer pricing "best practices" that are irrelevant, ineffective, and even dangerous in B2B.
  • Six fundamental pricing concepts that every B2B pricing person needs to understand inside and out.
  • The big advantages that B2B pricers enjoy over their B2C counterparts---and how to exploit them.

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