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Getting Control of Discounting

How to Enable a More Disciplined and Deliberate Approach to Discounting

In B2B markets, negotiated discounts tend to be the norm rather than the exception. Unfortunately, this common practice can become a massive source of unexpected margin erosion when there's little rhyme or reason behind the price concessions. So how do we gain more control over discounting in the field? How do we make sure that the discounts are truly appropriate and warranted? And how do we do it all without alienating the sales team? In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Adopting a more productive perspective on the role of discounting in the pricing process.
  • The foundational structures that help ensure discount levels are relevant and market aligned.
  • The performance metrics and incentives that reinforce consistent application over time.
  • How to navigate the organizational dynamics and minimize internal conflict and strife.

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