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Getting Sales To Sell the Value

Keeping Your Value Pricing Efforts from Falling Apart in the Last Mile

It's so frustrating. You've done the work to know that your offerings deliver more value than the alternatives. But the second there's the slightest amount of push back or hesitancy from a prospective buyer, your salespeople just cave in and start discounting that value away. So how do you change this dynamic? How do you reinforce your value in the marketplace? How do you get your sales team to actually "sell the value?" In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Checking your work to ensure that you've developed a rock-solid differential value case.
  • Making better use of marketing materials to prime buyers and influence value perceptions.
  • Addressing five conditions that need to be in place for reps to sell the value consistently.
  • Anticipating and overcoming the biggest sources of organization conflict and resistance.

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