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How to Combat Competitive Pricing Pressure

Strategies and Tactics for Dealing with Competitors' Price Moves and Discounting Behaviors

Faced with hyper-competition and an uncertain economy, it's tempting to want to "meet or beat" your competitors at every turn. And you'll certainly get no objections from your salespeople should you decide to match those "competitive offers" your customers are so generously willing to share. But how should you respond to competitive pricing pressure? How should you answer their price moves? And how should you react to their purported discounting behaviors in the field? In this on-demand training webinar, you will learn about:

  • The true role that pricing plays in most B2B buyers' purchasing decisions and vendor selection processes.
  • Why visibility into your competitors' pricing may not be the best way to determine how you stack up.
  • Strategic steps you can take to reduce discounting pressure well before the deals are even on the table.
  • The variety of ways customers will use your competitors against you...and how to respond effectively.

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