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How to Price Big Deals

Balancing the Risks and Opportunities When Pricing Large Bids and Contracts

With big deals and large contracts, pricing practitioners often find themselves thrust into a virtual pressure cooker. The magnitude of these deals draws much more internal attention and scrutiny. And everyone can be so focused on the potential upsides that they're blinded to the strategic and financial risks. So, how do you balance these pressures? How do you put your best foot forward price-wise, while ensuring profitability, mitigating risk, and avoiding future regret and finger-pointing? In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Strategies and tactics for dealing with the internal baloney that will surely come your way.
  • Cutting through the haze of each "totally unique situation" to find relevant comparables.
  • The sneaky (but effective) negotiation strategies you should watch out for and guard against.
  • Developing "deal envelopes" to provide last-mile flexibility while protecting profitability.

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