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Stop Living With Subpar Price Execution!

Finally Fixing the Price Execution Issues That Are Slowing Us Down and Holding Us Back

For many pricing teams, the massive turmoil and disruption over the last few years has exposed and exacerbated a number of price execution issues that can no longer be ignored. Under relatively "normal" market conditions, these issues were annoying, frustrating, and time-consuming. But they were fairly innocuous and we could deal with them. Unfortunately, when the "stuff" really hit the fan, these deficiencies, shortcomings, and manual workarounds failed the stress test and became a huge liability and a very costly problem. So how do we address these issues once and for all? And what are others doing about their execution issues? In this Expert Interview, Cath Brands, the Chief Marketing Officer for Flintfox, a leading provider of intelligent pricing technologies, helps answer these questions and many more.

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