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Whether you have specific questions about driving better pricing outcomes in a B2B environment—or just want to know which questions you should be asking—the library of questions in the PricingBrew Journal makes it easy to find the answers and resources you need.

Here are just a few that subscribers get access to:

  • How would we know which value packages or bundles make sense to create?
  • We're trying to reduce the complexity of our pricing model. Any tips or suggestions?
  • What are the different buyer types we might be negotiating with?
  • How can we see the customer spend that we aren't getting?
  • What are the growth paths that other pricing groups are taking?
  • How can product packaging be leveraged to increase profitability?
  • What's the difference between pricing analytics and optimization?
  • Why shouldn't services be priced by the hour? Lawyers and accountants do it, don't they?
  • What can I do if I can’t really tell whether the customer is serious about needing the absolute lowest price?
  • What if our top-selling salesperson is the worst at hitting target prices and margins?

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