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Defend Your Prices Like a Jedi Master

In business-to-business environments, we often find ourselves having to defend our prices on two fronts…

Of course, we have to defend and justify our prices with customers in the external marketplace. But very often, the internal battle is even more intense, as other stakeholders inside our own company weigh in, second guess, or push back.

As it’s our reality, we show up to work each day prepared for another round of pricing skirmishes. Sometimes these scuffles will be with customers. And in a weird way, that’s sort of refreshing…because more often than not, the skirmishes are with other people we work with…salespeople, product managers, finance people, and so on.

Typically, we fight these battles as they come. We argue each case as it presents itself. We debate each naysayer one at time. And with so much practice day after day, we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

But it’s tiring. It’s frustrating. And, it’s unnecessary.

As we discuss in the How to Defend Your Prices webinar, once you understand the root causes behind the day-to-day pricing dust ups, you can take some very straightforward steps to prevent them from even happening in the first place. In other words, instead of focusing on how to win the battles, you work toward eliminating any reason for a battle to even occur.

Of course, it’s not realistic to think that you could ever eliminate 100% of the debate and push back. Nor would you want to; because some of that debate is actually healthy and instructive. But given how contentious and repetitive many of the internal discussions and debates can be, eliminating even just a portion of them is very appealing.

And the good news is that many of the strategies, tactics, and processes you’ll leverage to prevent the internal battles, will also work toward winning with prospects in the external marketplace. So, you’re effectively winning the war on both fronts at the same time.

From our perspective, this type of thinking is what real strategic pricing is all about. In fact, it’s the essence of strategic thinking, period.

Obi-Wan would be so proud.

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