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Four Ways Pricing Technology Enhances Careers

Pricing technology initiatives can focus a lot of attention across an organization. They require investment. They involve various groups to implement, support, and utilize. And, they can produce big results and generate significant ROI in a timely manner.

And by championing a major pricing technology initiative, you can give your career a much-needed shot in the arm. Here’s why:

  1. Properly selected, scoped, and implemented, the right pricing technology can generate big top- and bottom-line impacts. Of course, not all technologies are created equal and some are more powerful from a financial standpoint than others. But the point is, just because it might also help your career, that doesn’t mean it’s not also the right thing to do for the good of the company.
  2. You won’t have to champion the initiative alone…because the technology vendors are more than willing to help support you as the champion. Technology vendors know that they aren’t going to get very far without an internal champion. So, they will bend over backwards to help you with business cases, proposals, internal presentations, and so on.
  3. As the champion of a major initiative, you’ll be seen as a big thinker. Whether you succeed in getting the green light or not, you’ll been seen as someone who is willing to take a calculated risk and go out on a limb for something important. Those are executive qualities, and not everyone has them.
  4. While they may not readily admit it, many pricing people have seen their careers really take-off after championing a major pricing technology initiative. Take a look at the background of nearly any V.P. of Pricing today, and you’re very likely to find a successful technology implementation.

So, why wait for your big break to just come along? Why wait to luck into an opportunity to prove yourself and demonstrate what you’re really capable of? Isn’t it better to create your own luck?

If your company has a genuine need for pricing technology…and let’s be honest, most B2B companies do…consider championing the initiative yourself…it can work wonders for your career.

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