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Is “Best Practice” Always Best in B2B Pricing?

When setting-out to improve one’s pricing, it’s perfectly natural to hit the web in search of best practices and case studies. And after spending even just a little bit of time studying the topic, it’s really easy to conclude that driving pricing improvement in a B2B environment is an incredibly complex and arduous task.

Over here, there’s a case study talking about some huge company’s multi-year, multi-million-dollar “pricing transformation”. Great.

Over there is a best practice paper highlighting the critical importance of up-ending authority structures that have been around for decades. No problem.

Oh, and then there’s this presentation outlining the “23 Capabilities and Competencies for Achieving Pricing Excellence.” Sure thing.

But is best practice always best? Is this really what it takes? Are intricate models and complex methodologies really the only ways to make a meaningful difference?

At PricingBrew, we don’t think so.

You see, we engage with thousands of “everyday experts” in B2B companies all around the globe. And whether they’re in pricing, sales, marketing, or finance, these people are addressing important pricing issues on a daily basis—and being held accountable for their successes and failures.

Now, these people aren’t making a difference by boiling the ocean or executing giant initiatives. Instead, they’re making relatively simple improvements that combine and compound over time. And while their solutions may not be sexy or garner much press, they are extremely practical and highly effective.

So, take a lesson from the everyday experts and don’t fall into the complexity trap. After all, when it comes to pricing in a B2B environment, some of the simplest solutions can have the most dramatic impacts.

And when it comes to best practices, always remember that “best” is relative term.

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