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Building a Better Bid Desk

Strategies and Tactics for More Effective Pricing of Large Bids and Quotes

For a lot of B2B companies, the bid desk is where the rubber really meets the road. The transaction volumes may not be high, but large bids and quotes can have substantial impacts on everything from revenue, profit, and unit volume to capacity utilization, cost structure, and even strategic positioning! In this subscriber-only training webinar, you will learn about:

  • The common myths and misperceptions about large bids and volume quotes that can cause you to leave big money on the table.
  • How understanding the true nature of demand flowing into your bid desk can help you develop more accurate and profitable quotes.
  • The proper role of underlying product and service costs and when "cost plus" may actually be the best pricing strategy to employ.
  • What bid desk personnel need to understand about working with salespeople to capture the best possible prices and margins.

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