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Pricing Tech Laggards to Fall Further Behind

In a PricingBrew Journal research report, “Pricing Tech Utilization: Users Vs. Laggards,” one dynamic seems to be pretty clear:

When it comes to leveraging pricing technology, the gulf between the leaders and laggards is going to get even wider in the future.

Here’s why…

  • Of the companies who are currently using pricing technology, 59% report that they plan to implement even more.

It would seem that now that these companies have experienced the benefits of technology-enabled pricing, they’re game to take it even further.

On the other hand…

  • Of the companies who are NOT currently using pricing technology, 62% report that they have no plans to use technology in the future, either.

Wow. These companies also happen to report increased pricing pressure and view over-discounting as being a priority problem in their business.

Yet, they still have no plans to consider a technological solution?

Clearly, this bodes well for the pricing technology leaders. They’ll expand their use of technology and solidify their advantage.

And the laggards? Don’t worry; they’ll stay busy—fighting all of that pricing pressure and over-discounting.

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