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Being An Internal Pricing Consultant

Leveraging a "Consulting" Mindset and Approach To Improve Pricing in B2B Environments

In many ways, the deck seems to be stacked against internal B2B pricing functions. After all, in a typical B2B environment, many different groups are contributing to the overall pricing process, for better or worse. And in most cases, none of these contributors will be under the direct authority of the pricing team. So it would seem that frustration, conflict, and "spinning wheels" are inevitable. That said, many leading pricing teams have discovered how a "consulting" mindset and approach can alter these dynamics to make driving meaningful improvement much easier...and far less frustrating. In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • When, where, and why a "pricing consultant" approach can be more appropriate and effective.
  • How a consultant thinks about improvement and identifies priority issues and opportunities.
  • The "soft skills" that consultants employ to drive results in cross-functional environments.
  • Five of the most productive and timely "go to" initiatives in a pricing consultant's toolbox.

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