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Building Pricing’s Credibility with Sales

Getting the Sales Team To Take Our Pricing Plans and Suggestions Seriously

In most B2B companies, the sales team represents the critical "last mile" between our best-laid pricing plans and prospective buyers. Unfortunately, the sales team will often view the pricing department with more than a little skepticism. And as a result, they frequently disregard our suggestions and ignore our recommendations. What can we do to change their perceptions and get them to see us as a trusted partner in the business? In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • The real reasons Sales gives for why they're skeptical of what Pricing says and does.
  • Seven of the top credibility enhancers that Pricing teams can use to their advantage.
  • The benefits of securing mutually-beneficial training programs for Sales and Pricing.
  • How to adopt a "winning" attitude to make you a more credible and trusted partner.

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