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Communicating Pricing Concepts

Helping Others in Your Organization Understand B2B Pricing Principles and Practices

Pricing is not something everyone just "gets." Doing it right in a B2B environment involves a combination of specialized principles, practices, and processes that may be entirely new and unfamiliar to people outside the pricing group. So how do you help others in your organization better understand what you're trying to do and why? And more important, how do you help them "get" enough of it to do what needs to be done? In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • How to simplify and illustrate important concepts like price segmentation and price elasticity.
  • Using real-world data and models to make certain practices more palatable, relatable, and relevant.
  • How to proactively address and counter common preconceived notions and closely-held beliefs.
  • Aspects of human behavior and cognition that can make it easier...or get your ideas across.

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