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Generating Cost-to-Serve Automagically

How to Reduce the Time and Effort Required to Estimate the Indirect Costs of Serving Different Customers

Generating relatively accurate cost-to-serve estimates is often much more difficult than people first anticipate. But what if there was a way to estimate indirect cost-to-serve systematically? What if you could generate cost-to-serve estimates "automagically"? In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • The two foundational concepts that can be combined to form the basis of a more timely and automatic system.
  • The three basic process steps for leveraging the concepts, developing the system, and fine-tuning the outputs.
  • Two approaches for estimating relatively accurate costs for various activities that contribute to cost-to-serve.
  • Six short- and long-term benefits of a systematic approach for capturing and reporting customer-level costs.

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