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Getting Started in B2B Pricing

Explaining the Critical Concepts That B2B Pricing Professionals Need to Know

Some organizations haven't had a pricing team in the past, and want to know where to begin. Others have a well-established pricing team, but want to ensure everyone's up-to-speed on the fundamentals. With this in mind, we've put together an 8-part course that focuses on the key concepts like segmentation and analysis. It offers advice on both a strategic and a tactical level, and it walks you through the process of convincing management of the importance of having a B2B pricing team. You'll also learn what the best B2B pricing teams are doing well and how to avoid some common missteps.

  • Learn the fundamentals of key concepts like segmentation and analysis.
  • Discover what it really means to be a strategic B2B pricer.
  • Understand how best to gain management support and driving organizational change.
  • Gain insight into what the best B2B pricing teams do well and how to avoid common missteps.

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