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Pricing Psychology in B2B

Understanding "Irrational" Human Behavior to Effectively Influence "Rational" Perceptions of Value

Conventional wisdom says that business buyers are more logical and rational than consumers. Conventional wisdom says that business buyers make decisions based solely on economic considerations. But while businesses do indeed have systems and policies to ensure greater rationality and consideration in purchasing, certain psychological factors can still have tremendous influence. And because you're often working through the intermediary of the sales force, pricing psychology has internal applications as well. In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn about:

  • The all-too-human realities of supposedly "rational" decision-making processes in business settings.
  • How to proactively manage the perceptions of value that influence your prospects' purchasing decisions.
  • Seven proven ways to leverage pricing psychology in your pricing structure and communication.
  • Five aspects of behavioral psychology that can help you price more effectively through salespeople.

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