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Using The "Measurement Effect" to Improve Margins

How Getting Your Own House in Order Can Have a Positive Influence on Pricing Outcomes

When it comes to finding problems or failings with pricing and discounting, the sales department is a sitting duck. But before you go pointing fingers, it's good to ensure you have your own house in order--not just because you want to avoid potential backfire, but because you're also likely to see other positive effects. In this tutorial, you'll learn:

  • Why the "Measurement Effect" can start having a positive influence on pricing and discounting behaviors in the field.
  • The key to leveraging this effect with your sales team and the 3 critical approaches that can push them into action.
  • The metrics you'll want to have in place before you get started and other important things to keep in mind.
  • How other companies have been able to use this powerful effect to there advantage--some by accident.

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